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May 02, 2008



Thanks for introducing me to www.iTalki.com. I'm curious: would you call their offerings web 2.0? I don't think I would; to me it is exactly the power of bringing advanced tools together with collaborative functionality that makes LiveMocha so cool. I'd be interested to hear your perspective...It's definitely the first tool of its kind that I've seen, but I'm not an expert at language learning sites. =*)


I was thinking about your comment, 'why has no one done this before' and I believe people have. Prior to the development of Web 2.0, there were basic sites helping people find language partners, but after people connected they mostly moved away from the site to email pen-pals. There have always been language-learning sites.

I think the difference is now Web 2.0 brings these basic ideas together, makes them more interactive, and adds rich multimedia features so these sites are becoming more popular. In fact, www.italki.com was offering all of this before LiveMocha, so actually it has been done before now.


Interesting, Steph, I'll check it out! Thanks for letting me know! My fiance and I have been having fun with Italian 101 on LiveMocha; great to have another resource too!


After reading your post I also checked out livemocha.com it is pretty cool! I have been using www.edufire.com to re-learn conversational and written Spanish for my career...I'm currently living in San Diego and it is very important to know spanish and makes you that much more marketable in the job market here.

This site offers a free active forum community where they are beginning to have forums in different languages…so that one can write and converse with native speakers, educational flashcards (words and phrases) and language videos..ALL for free!

Tutoring sessions via video chat have a small but affordable fee associated with each tutor.

Check it out at http://www.edufire.com

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